“Killarney, Nice but such a rip-off”, for motor homes at least

February 27, 2008 · 0 comments

One of the major Irish newspapers published a letter today from an Irish tourist who acknowledges the beauty of Killarney

There’s no doubting its unique beauty, especially the hinterland and lakes around the town.

Muckross House, the surrounding gardens and woods, Torc mountain and so on are all exceptionally beautiful and leave a lasting memory.

But then harshly criticizes every other aspect of their visit:

…everywhere we went, except Muckross, we felt ripped off. From cups of coffee, bars, caravan parks etc — they all ripped us off.

In my experience there are always some visitors whose expectations are disappointed when they reach Killarney. That said Ireland is an expensive country and the tourist sector is far from perfect and doesn’t suit all tastes (read what some reviews had to say about Dunloe Castle Hotel). The bottom line is that if the service is bad don’t hesitate to make a formal complaint and if you’re not satisfied with how your complaint is handled then make a public complaint, say on the internet, such as this site for example.

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